Sunday, April 7, 2013

America's Favorite Cookie

I received the following e-mail this week:

"God has no place in His kingdom for non-believers, adulterers, gays and those who mix races. You are all of those things. You are evil personified."

Non-believer?  Sure, at least for much of the religion this person belongs to.  Adulterer?  Yes, unfortunately.  Gay?  I guess, technically, although I don't really think of myself as gay. I just happen to love a woman.  But race mixer? What?

SHE'S BLACK????  Why didn't anyone tell me this before?  I had no idea! 

This changes everything.


Radhika M said...

Teehehehehee...cannot imagine how jobless someone must be to send such mails??? Even I don't have the time to waste on something like this, and I waste a LOT of time!!!!

princess apr said...

I believe God also said to be, you know, nice to other human beings and not go around calling them evil.

Just for this post, I'm going to go home and mix some races hard tonight.

Dusti Connelley said...

You two are so beautiful together! You look seriously happy together. :)

Vanesa said...

Who the hell sends an email like that?! o.0

rachfishop said...

Er, wow. What a great advert that individual is for their religion, whatever it is.

I'm guessing it can't be Christianity because I had a flick through their holy book once, and there was all this stuff about loving other people, not judging, 'let him who is without sin cast the first stone' etc.


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