Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The perfect gift for the child you love, but whose parents you hate.

So, I was at Wal Mart last night and saw a huge stack of these in the middle of the aisle, apparently there to entice me to buy it for my children.

I'm going to use a sweeping blanket statement here, but there is no parent in the history of parents who has looked at a miniature metal drum set, complete with cymbal, and thought, "I need to buy that for my small child! Because you know what I don't have enough of in my life?  Loud noises."

And if you happen to be a parent  who is an exception to my sweeping blanket statement, I'm not counting you.  Because clearly you have issues you need to speak with someone about, and it's not fair to judge you in your current mental state.

You know who buys these for kids?  Your childless siblings or friends.  Or people who secretly hate you.  Or maybe your own parents, on a mission to get even for all the years of grief you put them through. Those are the people who will buy this for your child.

They're also the only people buying Play Doh. 

What's the most obnoxious gift your child has ever been given?  Or that you've deliberately given someone else's child? 'Fess up.


Bennet said...

This reminds me of my sister's friends. Every year they deliberately get the other person's kids the most obnoxious toys they could find. It was a contest with them -one where everyone loses.

Linds said...

I remember one year my kids got this really irritating toy that sang. Yeah. It got donated. I'm a mean Mommy. Or a smart Mommy. Probably both.

princess apr said...

I couldn't do a full drum kit, but it's so tempting. We did buy the nephew bath drums. Mostly, we just spoil the nephews all year round so they love us. I always let the nephew play with my iPad even though he's not allowed to play with his parents'. I always have his favorite tv show and songs available for him any time he wants. In return, he loves me best.

Jenej said...

My husband was given a drum set when he was a small child - His much brother gave it to him. His parents weren't pleased.

lifeinredshoes said...

I'll probably burn in hell for admitting this but here goes!
My sister gave birth to The Little Prince after having 2 girls and that child could do no wrong. It drove us all crazy, the world, everyones world, revolved around his every whim.
No was a word that was never uttered in his presence.
When he was about 4 we bought him one of the hideously obnoxious Elmo electric guitars for Christmas, knowing full well it would be the straw that broke the NO camels back ;)
I'm not sure if it worked....we no longer speak :)

Emily said...

Both Anissa and Chris were the first girl and boy on my side (so, first grand kids, obviously). My childless brothers would give gifts that they had no clue about, things that seem so simple. The biggest one that i couldn't wait for revenge on til one of them popped a girl out, though, was MAKE-UP.

That disgusting waxy kind that gets everywhere. I even had my sister in law tell me no more, that she was sorry, they just didn't know when Anissa was little how horrible it was.

I did my job.

LaurieSue said...

SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK! As the fun Aunt in the family, I give all the gifts that parents will never give - music toys, toys that make obnoxious noises, messy toys, etc. My nieces and nephews and now great-nieces and nephews love me the best. Their parents - not so much around this time of year.

Skywaitress said...

As the third sister to have kids I've had a truce with them. The huz and I have never bought their kids anything obnoxious or noisy and I've been very clear that I expect them to return the favor. We'll see how that works out but after nearly 8 years of gift giving I hope I have enough good gifting karma built up with them.

Jen said...

Moon dough is way worse than play dough, I absolutely hate it! Gabriella got some as a gift, I was not excited.

Will said...

still haven't gotten that bass guitar. I'll keep it turned down. promise.


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